Creative Director | Producer | Director | Writer


Josh Pies lives to tell stories in motion picture that moves people at the soul level.  His passion is to see people deeply internalize a new idea, experience a poignant thought, and maybe even change the course of their lives through the experience of a compelling story.  He believes in the catharsis of laughter and the power of a tear.  It is this passion that he applies to every film, commercial, and music video he has creative control over. 

Josh is the Executive Producer, Director & Head Writer at C47 Film Associates.  As a seasoned business professional, Josh has met with great success as a entrepreneur, marketing executive, and Video Writer/Producer. Josh merges the left and the right brain in ways that few are able.  Most business people are not wildly creative. Most creatives are business challenged.  Josh, in contrast, is proud to be both a savvy business professional and a wildly creative visionary - he blames it on the caffeine. 

Josh has independently produced and is involved in production of countless feature & short films, television shows, music videos, and corporate works.  His first broadcast success was with 360TV as writer, actor, and AP.  360TV is a  faith based sketch comedy show which had audiences in over 1000 markets world wide. To date, Josh has led teams that have garnered multiple festival and contest wins, the CINE Special Jury Award for Motivational Films (Spring 2012), & numerous CINE Golden Eagles & Telly Awards.  In the Fall of 2012 Josh became a Jury Chair for the CINE organization and 2014 named to a Distinguished Juror position in the same.  Josh is a Distinguished Alumnus in Film at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Board Member for Paving the Way, an organization committed to combating child sex trafficking in the USA. 

Josh earned degrees from Nazareth College of Rochester (BS Business Admin, BS Economics, BS Philosophy) and RIT (MBA).