Producer / Creative Director / Writer


Elevate Iowa
Mini-Documentary Series (16 ep)

AWARD: CINE Golden Eagle 2017
Producer & Writer: J. Pies
(Rel Date: June 2016; avg 8min)

50 Years of Love In Action

Writer & Director: J. Pies

(Rel Date: Summer 2015; 9min)

In One Room: The Realities of Urban Education

AWARD: Platinum Pixie Award (2012)

Producer & Writer: J. Pies

Project Sno-Fighter  

AWARD: Bronze Telly (2012)

Director, Producer & Writer: J. Pies

(Rel Date: 6/22/11: 32min)

Project Sno-Fighter 2   

Director, Producer & Writer: J. Pies

(Rel Date: 6/21/12: 24min)

Mission 14: Honor Flight of Rochester

AWARD: Silver Telly, Bronze Telly  (2012)

Producer & Writer: J. Pies

(15min; 2011)

Open Door Mission: Forgotten Rochester (2015; Producer/Write; 8min)


2017 We Own Winter | Syracuse Press Event (Video Segment Producer/ENG Producer)

2016 Myron S. Silver Lifetime Achievement Awards (CD/Producer)

2015 Myron S. Silver Lifetime Achievement Awards (CD/Producer)

SMP Wellness Sizzle, RBJ Wealth of Health Awards (CD/Producer - 2014 & 2016)

SMP Octoberfest Training Events (2013-2016)
Rochester General Health Systems: Patient Safety Summit 2012: 'For better or for worse' scenario series (4 Videos; CD/Producer/Writing Consultant)
NYS MEP: "What, How, RIGHT NOW" (CD/Producer/Writer)

Digital Rochester GREAT Awards 2011 - 2016 - Opener & Nomination Videos (Writer/Producer/Host - 8 per year)

Tech Woman of the Year 2012 - 2015  (2 per yr)
TEDxFlourCity Opener/Closer Graphic Sequence (Editor)

Christian Help (2015)

Short Film - 20m+

Trapped: In The Trade

Producer/DP/Co-Director: J. Pies (2016; 31min)

8 Official Festival Selections , 3 Honors

The Gift

Writer: J. Pies

(2015; 23min)

Broadcast TV / Feature Entertainment
360TV (TV 2006-10; Syndacted '10-14) 
Co-Producer, Writer, Actor: J. Pies

Crooked & Narrow (Feature Film, 2016)


Reality Redesigned (Online TV, 2017)

Co-creator, Producer

The Edge Factor Show (Online TV, 2017)

Reach Beyond  (1ep, Producer)

The Exo Solution (1ep, Producer, Writer)

In Positive Motion (1ep, Producer, Writer) 


Music Video & EPK           
Andy Mineo (Anomaly Tour 2014; Producer)
Humble TIP: DJ Turn It Up (Producer)
HardCore24 SMP (CD/Producer)
Al Chez & the Brothers of Funk (Producer/Editor)
OMG (Director/DP)
Life of the Party (Actor)
Do You Wanna Go To Church With Me? (DP/Actor)
ONE (Location Manager)
A Story 'Bout a Church (Producer)
Stacy C. Homola EPK (Director/Producer)
David Mammano EPK (Producer/Writer)
A3 Design: Sizzle Reel (Producer)
Cardboard Stories (Guest DP; Viral Hit 2015)
Commercials (Broadcast)
Foster Care of Monroe County (2016 - TV Commercials - Director/DP)
St John's Home of Rochester (2016 - TV Commercials - Director/DP)
100% Troll Free (TV Commercials - CD/Producer)
CCC: 2014-16, 2017-19 Campaigns (TV Commercials - CD/Director/Producer)
I Love Fresh Air - Campaign (TV Commercial - CD/ Producer)
No Casinos Coalition of NY (TV Commercial - CD/Producer)
Cayuga County: Redefine Playtime (TV Commercial - CD/ Producer/Writer)
GCC: 30s / 10s   (2012 - 2016 TV Commercials - Producer/Director/Co-writer)
New York Wine & Culinary (2012 TV Commercials- CD/Director/Writer)
Short Film - under 10m
Hero Mom (2012; Writer/Producer/Cameo)
Prayer (2010; Writer/Producer/Actor)

I Love You Pastor (2013; Writer/Producer)
Ten Percent (2011; Writer/Actor)
Christmas Invite (2013; Actor)
Give Your Thanks (2012; Writer/Producer/Co-DP)
The Best Movie Theater Proposal (Producer/Cameos; Viral Hit 2011)
Dinner Date (2010; Actor)
360/365 Fest Short (2008; writer/actor)  

AWARD: Competition Winner (2nd Place)
The People I've Slept With (2009; co-writer/actor)  AWARD: Best in Competition (2009)
Wendy's 30s Short (2009; actor) 

AWARD: Best in Competition
I Fought for You (2010; Writer/Producer; Viral Hit 2010)
AWARDS: CINE Golden Eagle (2011), Silver Telly, Bronze Telly (2011)
Behind The Scenes of "I Fought For You"       
In My America (Writer/Producer)

Scars (2011; Writer/Producer)

Christmas Miracle (2010; Writer/Producer; Viral Hit 2011AWARD: Bronze Telly (2011)

CTE STRONG (2017; Producer/Director)

Commercials (Web)
Syracuse NY | We Own Winter (20+ video campaign; Producer/Writer - Bronze Telly 2017)
JAF Rochester Riverside Convention Center (CD/Writer/Producer)
Phoments App (Product Introduction - Writer/Producer)
SMP: Climb Every Mountain - End User Computing (CD/Writer/Producer)
Kodak: Specialty Chemicals Group (CD/Producer)
Eastman Business Park: Bio-Material Sizzle (CD/Producer)
Kodak: HCF (CD/Producer/Writer)
CPP: Boy Meets Girl  (Web Commercial - Writer/Producer)
CPP: Business Juggling  (Web Commercial - Producer)
CPP: Jail Cell  (Web Commercial - Writer/Producer/Actor)
CPP: 401K Thief (Web Commercial - Writer/Producer)
Strategy Leadership & The Soul (Graphic Tour - Writer/Producer)
Strategy Leadership & The Soul (Product Testimonials - Producer)
Viewsport - "Motivation Revealed"  (Producer/Writer)
Vital Energy Sports Drink - "Challenge Yourself" (Producer)
Vital Energy Sports Drink - "Fuel Your Energy" (Producer)
NY Loves Film - "Unspoken Opportunity" (CD/Producer/Writer)
AWARDS:  Bronze Telly (2014)
VisitRochester - "A to Z: The Place to Be" (CD/Producer/Writer)
VisitRochester - "#VisitRoc: Let's Keep This Going" (CD/Producer/Writer)
VisitRochester - "A Beautiful Meeting" (CD/Producer/Writer)
Savik by Pro-Tech (Producer/Writer/DP)

Stand/Walk: Compass Care Walk for Life 2014 (CD/Writer/Editor)

JAFRR Convention Center | The Growing Heart of Our City (Producer/Writer/CD)
EagleView: Pictometry Imagery | Career Day (Producer/Writer/CD)
EagleView: Critical 360 | Make Location Your Ally (Producer/Writer/CD)
Award: CINE Golden Eagle (2017); Bronze Telly (2017)
EagleView: Construct | Sales Tutorial
(Producer/CD - Bronze Telly 2017)
EagleView: Reveal | When the Details Matter (Producer/Writer/CD)
EagleView: Construct | Break the Cycle (Producer/Writer/Director/CD)
EagleView: Construct | User tutorials #1 - #5 (producer/writer)
Ugly Disco: We Dance For Miracles (Producer/Writer)
Seating Inc (Producer/Writer)
Visit Rochester: Front Line Staff (Producer/Writer)
March of Dimes: A Baby is Worth the Wait (Animated; Producer)
Medisked: The Buzz About Medisked (Animated; Producer/CD/Writer)
Cerion (Producer/CD/Director)
GCC: Creating our Future Together (Producer/Co-Director)
Cayuga Community College Admissions (Producer/CD/Editor)
Sutherland Global: Overview (CD/Director/Writer)
Sutherland Global: SmartLEAP Sizzle (CD/Director/Writer)
SMP: When IT Matters (CD/Producer/Writer)
AWARD: Bronze Telly (2014)
SMP: Oktoberfest 2013 (Producer)
SMP: Oktoberfest Sizzle (Producer)
SMP: RV Technology Tour (Producer/Writer)
Eastman Business Park: Welcome to the City of Materials Science Innovation (CD/Producer/Director)
Eastman Business Park: Roll Coating Facility Tour (CD/Producer/Director)
SIMA:   #1: Professionalism  #2: Reliability  #3: Risk (CD/Producer/Director)
The Finger Lakes Museum - Imagine a Place (Producer) AWARD: Platinum Pixie Award (2011)
NextStep Academy - How To Get Started (Producer/co-Director)
NextStepU - The Path (CD/Producer/Writer)
Maven Technologies (Producer/Writer)
Digital Rochester - Corporate Membership (CD/Producer/Writer/DP)
Agility 3R Testimonials #1 , #2 (Producer)
Nazareth College SOM #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (Producer)
The Charles Finney School (Writer/Producer/Co-DP)
Urban Choice Charter School: Be Their Angel (Writer/Producer/Co-DP)
AWARDS:  CINE Special Jury Award (Motivational: 2012), CINE Golden Eagle (2011), Silver Telly (x2, 2011), Golden Pixie (2012)
Bishop Sheen Housing (Producer)
St Joseph School (CD/Producer/Writer)

Genesee Country Christian School (CD/Producer/Writer)

WorldLeaders: About Us (CD/Producer/Writer)

WorldLeaders, Joe Morone: SMART SELLING (CD/Producer/Writer)