Short Film - under 10m
Hero Mom (2012; Writer/Producer/Cameo)
Prayer (2010; Writer/Producer/Actor)

I Love You Pastor (2013; Writer/Producer)
Ten Percent (2011; Writer/Actor)
Christmas Invite (2013; Actor)
Give Your Thanks (2012; Writer/Producer/Co-DP)
The Best Movie Theater Proposal (Producer/Cameos; Viral Hit 2011)
Dinner Date (2010; Actor)
360/365 Fest Short (2008; writer/actor)  

AWARD: Competition Winner (2nd Place)
The People I've Slept With (2009; co-writer/actor)  AWARD: Best in Competition (2009)
Wendy's 30s Short (2009; actor) 

AWARD: Best in Competition
I Fought for You (2010; Writer/Producer; Viral Hit 2010)
AWARDS: CINE Golden Eagle (2011), Silver Telly, Bronze Telly (2011)
Behind The Scenes of "I Fought For You"       
In My America (Writer/Producer)

Scars (2011; Writer/Producer)

Christmas Miracle (2010; Writer/Producer; Viral Hit 2011AWARD: Bronze Telly (2011)

CTE STRONG (2017; Producer/Director)

​Mr. Christmas (Series, 5 Videos, 2017)


Short Film - 20m+

Trapped: In The Trade

Producer/DP/Co-Director: J. Pies (2016; 31min)

9 Official Festival Selections , 3 Honors

The Gift

Writer: J. Pies

(2015; 23min)

Commercials (Web)
Syracuse NY | We Own Winter (20+ video campaign; CD/Producer/Writer - Bronze Telly 2017; PRism 2017 2x; Communicator 2017)
JAF Rochester Riverside Convention Center (CD/Writer/Producer)
Phoments App (Product Introduction - Writer/Producer)
SMP: Climb Every Mountain - End User Computing (CD/Writer/Producer)
Kodak: Specialty Chemicals Group (CD/Producer)
Eastman Business Park: Bio-Material Sizzle (CD/Producer)
Kodak: HCF (CD/Producer/Writer)
CPP: Boy Meets Girl  (Web Commercial - Writer/Producer)
CPP: Business Juggling  (Web Commercial - Producer)
CPP: Jail Cell  (Web Commercial - Writer/Producer/Actor)
CPP: 401K Thief (Web Commercial - Writer/Producer)
Strategy Leadership & The Soul (Graphic Tour - Writer/Producer)
Strategy Leadership & The Soul (Product Testimonials - Producer)
Viewsport - "Motivation Revealed"  (Producer/Writer)
Vital Energy Sports Drink - "Challenge Yourself" (Producer)
Vital Energy Sports Drink - "Fuel Your Energy" (Producer)
NY Loves Film - "Unspoken Opportunity" (CD/Producer/Writer)
AWARDS:  Bronze Telly (2014)
VisitRochester - "A to Z: The Place to Be" (CD/Producer/Writer)
VisitRochester - "#VisitRoc: Let's Keep This Going" (CD/Producer/Writer)
VisitRochester - "A Beautiful Meeting" (CD/Producer/Writer)
Savik by Pro-Tech (Producer/Writer/DP)

Stand/Walk: Compass Care Walk for Life 2014 (CD/Writer/Editor)


Masters of Resonance

Story & Distribution Consultant; 2017

(Rel Date: TBD-Fall/Winter 2017)

Elevate Iowa
Mini-Documentary Series (16 ep)

AWARD: CINE Golden Eagle 2017
Producer & Writer: J. Pies
(Rel Date: June 2016; avg 8min)

50 Years of Love In Action

Writer & Director: J. Pies

(Rel Date: Summer 2015; 9min)

In One Room: The Realities of Urban Education

AWARD: Platinum Pixie Award (2012)

Producer & Writer: J. Pies

Project Sno-Fighter  

AWARD: Bronze Telly (2012)

Director, Producer & Writer: J. Pies

(Rel Date: 6/22/11: 32min)

Project Sno-Fighter 2   

Director, Producer & Writer: J. Pies

(Rel Date: 6/21/12: 24min)

Mission 14: Honor Flight of Rochester

AWARD: Silver Telly, Bronze Telly  (2012)

Producer & Writer: J. Pies

(15min; 2011)

Open Door Mission: Forgotten Rochester (2015; Producer/Write; 8min)


2017 We Own Winter | Syracuse Press Event (Video Segment Producer/ENG Producer)

2016 Myron S. Silver Lifetime Achievement Awards (CD/Producer)

2015 Myron S. Silver Lifetime Achievement Awards (CD/Producer)

SMP Wellness Sizzle, RBJ Wealth of Health Awards (CD/Producer - 2014 & 2016)

SMP Octoberfest Training Events (2013-2016)
Rochester General Health Systems: Patient Safety Summit 2012: 'For better or for worse' scenario series (4 Videos; CD/Producer/Writing Consultant)
NYS MEP: "What, How, RIGHT NOW" (CD/Producer/Writer)

Digital Rochester GREAT Awards 2011 - 2016 - Opener & Nomination Videos (Writer/Producer/Host - 8 per year)

Tech Woman of the Year 2012 - 2015  (2 per yr)
TEDxFlourCity Opener/Closer Graphic Sequence (Editor)

Christian Help (2015)

Creative Director | Producer | Director | Writer

Music Video & EPK           
Andy Mineo (Anomaly Tour 2014; Producer)
Humble TIP: DJ Turn It Up (Producer)
HardCore24 SMP (CD/Producer)
Al Chez & the Brothers of Funk (Producer/Editor)
OMG (Director/DP)
Life of the Party (Actor)
Do You Wanna Go To Church With Me? (DP/Actor)
ONE (Location Manager)
A Story 'Bout a Church (Producer)
Stacy C. Homola EPK (Director/Producer)
David Mammano EPK (Producer/Writer)
A3 Design: Sizzle Reel (Producer)
Cardboard Stories (Guest DP; Viral Hit 2015)
Commercials (Broadcast)
Foster Care of Monroe County (2016 - TV Commercials - Director/DP)
St John's Home of Rochester (2016 - TV Commercials - Director/DP)
100% Troll Free (TV Commercials - CD/Producer)
CCC: 2014-16, 2017-19 Campaigns (TV Commercials - CD/Director/Producer)
I Love Fresh Air - Campaign (TV Commercial - CD/ Producer)
No Casinos Coalition of NY (TV Commercial - CD/Producer)
Cayuga County: Redefine Playtime (TV Commercial - CD/ Producer/Writer)
GCC: 30s / 10s   (2012 - 2016 TV Commercials - Producer/Director/Co-writer)
New York Wine & Culinary (2012 TV Commercials- CD/Director/Writer)
Entertainment (Broadcast TV/Streaming/Feature Films)

(TV 2006-10; Syndacted '10-14; Reprized 2017 Online)
Co-Producer, Writer, Actor: J. Pies

Crooked & Narrow (Feature Film, 2016)


Reality Redesigned (Online TV, 2017)

Co-creator, Producer

The Edge Factor Show (Online TV, 2017)

   Reach Beyond  (Sn2, ep3 Producer)

   The Exo Solution (Sn2, ep4 Producer, Writer)

   In Positive Motion (Sn2, ep5 Producer, Writer) 

   Total Overhaul (Sn3, ep1 Producer, Writer) Award: PIXIE Award 2017 

   Paradox: The Story of a King (Sn3, ep2 DP, Producer, Writer)

   Full Circle (Sn3, ep4 DP, Producer)

   Professor Schmitt Skates (Sn3, ep5 DP)

The John Maxwell Team (Branded Content Comedy Series; Writer/Producer)
The John Maxwell Team (Sales Video Series; Writer/Producer)
Gilbane | College Town (Genesis/Overview Story; Producer/Director)
PacMtn/Camo2Commerce: American Jobs Center Overview (CD/Director/Writer)
PacMtn/Camo2Commerce: Resources for the Resourceful (CD/Director/Writer)
PacMtn/Camo2Commerce: Advanced Manufacturing Industry (CD/Director/Writer)
PacMtn/Camo2Commerce: IT Industry (CD/Director/Writer)
PacMtn/Camo2Commerce: Apprenticeship (CD/Director/Writer)
PacMtn/Camo2Commerce: Career Paths (6 video series; CD/Director/Writer)
Simon School at U of R: Romania's Fulbright Entrepreneurs (DP/Editor)
Foster Care of Rochester: Fostering (Series; DP/Editor)
JAFRR Convention Center | The Growing Heart of Our City (Producer/Writer/CD)
EagleView: Pictometry Imagery | Career Day (Producer/Writer/CD)
EagleView: Critical 360 | Make Location Your Ally (Producer/Writer/CD)
Award: CINE Golden Eagle (2017); Bronze Telly (2017)
EagleView: Construct | Sales Tutorial
EagleView: Reveal | When the Details Matter (Producer/Writer/CD)
EagleView: Construct | Break the Cycle (Producer/Writer/Director/CD)
(Producer/CD - Bronze Telly 2017)
EagleView: Construct | User tutorials #1 - #5 (producer/writer)
Ugly Disco: We Dance For Miracles (Producer/Writer)
Seating Inc (Producer/Writer)
Visit Rochester: Front Line Staff (Producer/Writer)
CurAegis: MyCadian Product Intro (Producer/Writer)
March of Dimes: A Baby is Worth the Wait (Animated; Producer)
Medisked: The Buzz About Medisked (Animated; Producer/CD/Writer)
Cerion (Producer/CD/Director)
GCC: Creating our Future Together (Producer/Co-Director)
Cayuga Community College Admissions (Producer/CD/Editor)
Sutherland Global: Overview (CD/Director/Writer)
Sutherland Global: SmartLEAP Sizzle (CD/Director/Writer)
SMP: We Are People First (CD/Producer/Writer)
​SMP: When IT Matters (CD/Producer/Writer)
AWARD: Bronze Telly (2014)
SMP: Oktoberfest 2013 (Producer)
SMP: Oktoberfest Sizzle (Producer)
SMP: RV Technology Tour (Producer/Writer)
Klockner pentaplast: ClearFloat (Producer/2nd Unit DP)
Eastman Business Park: The City of Materials Science Innovation (CD/Producer/Director)
Eastman Business Park: Roll Coating Facility Tour (CD/Producer/Director)
SIMA:   #1: Professionalism  #2: Reliability  #3: Risk (CD/Producer/Director)
The Finger Lakes Museum - Imagine a Place (Producer) AWARD: Platinum Pixie Award (2011)
NextStep Academy - How To Get Started (Producer/co-Director)
NextStepU - The Path (CD/Producer/Writer)
Maven Technologies (Producer/Writer)
Digital Rochester - Corporate Membership (CD/Producer/Writer/DP)
Agility 3R Testimonials #1 , #2 (Producer)
Nazareth College SOM - Graduate Business Tracks #1-5 (Producer/Writer)
Nazareth College SOM - Undergrad Business Tracks #1-9 (Producer/Writer)
The Charles Finney School (Writer/Producer/Co-DP)
Urban Choice Charter School: Be Their Angel (Writer/Producer/Co-DP)
AWARDS:  CINE Special Jury Award (Motivational: 2012), CINE Golden Eagle (2011), Silver Telly (x2, 2011), Golden Pixie (2012)
Bishop Sheen Housing (Producer)
St Joseph School (CD/Producer/Writer)

Genesee Country Christian School (CD/Producer/Writer)

WorldLeaders: About Us (CD/Producer/Writer)

WorldLeaders, Joe Morone: SMART SELLING (CD/Producer/Writer)