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#Beknown 30 Min. + 5 Keys 60 Min.
#BeKnown & The 5 Keys
Have you ever wanted to meet a girl (or guy) so bad that you hatched a crazy plan to meet her?  I have, and the fun, crazy story is a lesson in the persistence it takes to gain traction in your market.  It is how you can truly #BEKNOWN.  
This true story is a wild lead in to an important talk about how you can leverage the massive online shift towards video content in your own world.  Using 5 Keys - Mindest, Technology, Execution Strategy, Distribution Strategy, and Customer Listening - Josh Pies explains a very tactical approach that attendees can start to implement the moment they leave the room.  

In some cases, when time allows, Josh adds the BONUS: 
You're Doing It Wrong - why experts have online content backwards.
Josh Pies dresses loud on purpose.  In this short talk, Josh explains the genesis of his bodacious attire which began with COWBOY HATS AND BOOTS as a sales tool, then turned into a "DIRECTOR'S Costume" and eventually became "Josh, the guy in the Coat".  There isn't just a reason why he dresses how he does, there's strategy and it ALL CONNECTS to BRANDING and SALES.  

Audiences are encouraged to see their interactions with anyone who they need "buy in" from as character acting.  Every career and job title within it presents an opportunity for a person to own a character that merges an inspirational delivery with one's own authentic voice.  Josh Pies has applied what he calls "Character Theory" to his professional interactions for nearly 20 years with great results.  
You Are a Character whether you know it or not.  
You Might as well play your "part" with panache!
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
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Survival of an Optimist
In this talk, Josh explains how his perpetual optimism has served him throughout life's trials. 

Josh's childhood was wonderful despite being the son of a felon who at one point had three families in three different homes in the same small city.  It was wonderful despite being conned out of money and stolen from with great frequency since the time he was four years old. His life has been outstanding even though big promises at every turn were left empty and undelivered.  Why has life been so grand for Josh when the evidence says that he should have permission to be a miserable pessimist? 
Audiences will be inspired to build an unwavering sense of purpose to combat the ups and downs that life may deliver to them.   Mindset leads to success, nothing more, nothing less. 
Biography: Josh Pies
Before Age 10.
Childhood sets the stage for many things.  My childhood set the stage for my success in the business of Film & TV when I did two things that became habit.  

#1:  I started 2 businesses (age 4 and age 8).  Both were profitable, both came with hard but good lessons.

#2: I had the privilege of becoming a child actor at 5 and continued into my adulthood.
Double Digits.
My teen years were spent largely pursuing what I thought was my future - Baseball.  

I was a slugger, a long baller to say the least.  My position: Catcher.  I played 80+ games per season by my mid-teens.  And that was the problem.  

In 1998 my arm gave out at the same time that the NY Mets were working with the West Virginia Mountaineers to groom me for the pros. 
My 20's.
The highlights of this decade start with meeting my future wife and marrying her.  We started a family not long after I completed my 3 Undergrads and MBA. 

Somewhere in that busy time I opened a snowplowing business in Western NY,  became a millionaire, and lost everything during the '07-08 market shift.  These lessons were critical and believe it or not, I treasure them.  
In my 20's my hobby became 360TV, a TV Show we helped start at a local church. Little did I know that video production on a large scale was my future.  Eventually,  we started C47 Film Associates.

A decade after founding C47 Films we have 40+ awards for Film, TV and Advertising work. 

Today I Produce, Direct, & Write brand content for medium to large businesses as well as CONSULT & Speak on the topic of video content creation for businesses, branding and even entrepreneurial mindset.  
1999-2003: Josh attended Nazareth College of Rochester becoming the first TRIPLE MAJOR in College History achieving BS in Business Administration, Economics and Philosophy simultaneously.

2003-2005: Josh attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship while simultaneously launching three test companies - an education product, a baseball training product and a property services company.  The property services company launched into full swing as a viable company during his time at RIT.  
2018:  While servicing The John Maxwell Team as a client, Josh joined the proud ranks of John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coaches.  Josh continues to work closely as a consulting producer & writer for The John Maxwell Team. 
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